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Featured Article

Pressing Flowers

OK! Picking flowers is cute idea with children

But, please remember some flowers are protected and you may need permission from the land owner before picking flowers. I suggest growing your own! Children love gardening and then they can choose which flowers to press. 

How to press your flowers:


  1. Gather the flowers you want to press, along with some newspaper, tissue paper, a  really heavy book, and a large brick or rock.


  2. First set out a piece of cardboard that is almost the same size as your book, lay a piece of newspaper on top of that, followed by a piece of tissue paper .


  3. Place the flowers on the tissue paper. Make sure none of them touch each other or hang over the side of the tissue paper.


  4. Cover the flowers with another piece of tissue paper, then newspaper, and then cardboard.


  5. You can continue this process, one on top of the other, until all your flowers are prepared.


Once your stack is done, top it off with your heavy book and the brick or stone. This method usually takes 2 - 4 weeks.
Pressed flowers make lovely collage and are wonderful keep sakes.
Why not press Leaves as well

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