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Den Building

An activity best suited to woodlands areas. Toddlers and upwards

Encourage the children to collect various items that would be good to use for building - branches, bracken, leaves, twigs, logs and so on 

Discuss what sort of Den could be built .Even toddlers will have ideas of what makes a good Den!

Support the children to use their own ideas when building (even if it might not work) It is important for the children to problem solve and work through ideas.

Make sure children are aware that they should not take living branches and only really to take dead natural materials.

Other objects that are great for building Dens are:




Plastic sheeting/Tarpaulin




A Mallet ( Camping ones are good or find a large rock!)

Old tyres

The tarpaulin can be used to help to make the den waterproof, or to sit on

Weave branches to create walls and parts of the den

Try to camouflage the den as best you can – maybe try to find each other!

Allow children to furnish the den as they wish – using whatever they can find!

Only cut off necessary branches – remember trees are living things!

Saw branches off as close to the base of the tree as possible, to avoid dangerous protruding bits.

Saw saplings as close to the ground as possible, to avoid trip hazards.

Don’t push children to finish their den – the process is much more important than the end result.

Don’t go into children’s dens uninvited!


This is a great activity which provides children with the scope to explore, discover and carryout their own ideas.

Have fun!


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