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Featured Article

Simple Butterfly Feeder

All you need:

A small plastic water bottle

A nail/pin (it may help to heat the pin or nail to make it easier to make the hole, if you do the nail will get hot!!!!)

Cotton wool


Now the actual butterfly feeder needs to be made by an adult.  Its quick and easy and wont take long :)

Firstly turn your plastic bottle upside down and punch a tiny hole in the bottom. You only want it to drip.

Turn the bottle up the correct way and fill the bottle with cotton wool balls. This is needed to soak up the sugar solution you are going to place in the bottle.

To make the sugar solution you will need:

1 cup water

1/4 Sugar

Then all you need to do is pour some of the solution into the bottle (you wont need much) and let the cotton wool soak it up.

Once you have done that its just a case of hanging up the butterfly feeder (the base facing toward the ground) on or by some flowering plants and wait for the butterflies!!!!

The children will love watching the butterflies, providing you with a chance to talk about mini beasts, patterns and colours!!!!


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